Artistic Blessings
Bible Verse: Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)
Category: Christian Inspiration | Posted: 07 September 2011
Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)

"For I know the PLANS I have for you,"
As a child, I grew up with a mom who loved taking photos (she still does).
My mom took the most gorgeous photographs with
her little "point and shoot" film camera.
It is all thanks to my mother that I grew to have a great appreciation for photographs.

As I became a teenager, I began to use her little camera and would take it wherever I went. I would take a photo of everything and would get so excited to
“develop the spool” (sounds so ancient saying that now… LOL :)
At the time, it was something I just really enjoyed but it never crossed my mind that it would one day become my profession, my “artistic blessing”.

As I look back now, I believe God placed that artistic blessing in me
at a very young age, and my mother was the source of my inspiration,
as her joy for photographs soon became my joy.

Before you are even born, God knows the plans He has for your life.
It’s so amazing to know that while I was a little child watching my mom click away,
God was smiling because He knew what the future held and He knew that photography was going to bring so much joy and happiness into my life
and that my husband would also share my love for photography! :)

Photography is my “artistic blessing” that God has so kindly given to me! :)

This whole website and my photography has been based on trusting God and allowing Him to lead me. There is no way possible we could’ve done this all on our own. I guess you could say that God has been the “lead designer” in this whole process! :)

I believe we all have an artistic blessing, some of us have found it already and some of us are still searching to find it, but don’t give up, put your hope, faith and trust in God because He’s not finished with you yet! :)

She doesn't know it yet... but I would like to dedicate this post to my mother, Lidia! :)
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Luisa Henriques 17 September 2011, 09:59
Hi Claudia. All i can say is "it was worth the wait..." the site is beautiful, easy to follow, full of information, and girl, you are really talented. Congratulations, keep up the fantastic work. Luisa :)
Lidia Ferreira 26 September 2011, 21:11
Dearest Claudia, thank you so much for the dedication...totally goodness, reading that certainly brought back sooooo many wonderful memories!!! Congratulations on this beautiful website, it was well worth the wait... i know alot of hard work and dedication was put into it, by both you and Ricky, you should both be extremely proud of yourselves. You have been blessed with a wonderful and special talent, your passion and creativity is so inspiring. May you continue to grow from strength to strength. Wishing you lots of success as you continue forward on this photographic journey.... We are so proud of you. May God shower you both with many blessings.... Love you lots, Mom and Dad XXX