Mia Coetzee
25 January 2012
Category: Newborn | Posted: 27 February 2012
My eyes swelled up with tears when I had to begin to write this post... not out of sadness but out of pure joy and happiness for this family's story.

As a photographer I don't only capture photographs, I tell a story through special detailed moments, I am sure you all have heard of the saying:
"a photo speaks a thousand words" ... these photographs portray little newborn Mia at 3 weeks old as a little angel, straight from the heavens above!
I love the softness of light in the photographs and Mia even gave us the most adorable smile (see image 3)...

Jana and Jan Coetzee had 2 miscarriages before falling pregnant with beautiful Mia.

Jana says it best in her own words:

"The name "Mia" means "LONG AWAITED GIFT FROM GOD". We always loved the name Mia! After having 2 miscarriges, falling pregnant with Mia was such a blessing. Not knowing why things like this happen in life, we knew that Mia was going to be the gift that we waited for! Then we looked up the meaning of her name and then we knew, this precious baby in my tummy needed to be called Mia!"

Jana has been so generous in sharing her story of hope, faith and love!
Jana hopes that her story will give other women who are struggling to fall pregnant HOPE, which she says there definetly is! :)

Jana wanted to do something special for Mia's nursery and she decided that she wanted to create something herself, so Jana made Mia a gorgeous BABY MOBILE to hang infront of the window in Mia's nursery, you will see this gorgeous DIY baby mobile in the photos below, and in the centre of the mobile is the word "LIEFDE" meaning LOVE! :)

Jana says:
"I wanted to make Mia something for her room. I decided on the mobile. With LOVE "LIEFDE" being in the centre of the mobile and everything else surrounding it. Just like it is in life, love should be the centre of your world!" :)

Jana found the most exquisite wall paper ever for Mia's nursery and Jana says she styled all the decor around the wall paper!
The nursery is pretty in pink with French flair and bunnies! As Jana loved bunny's as a little girl. Mia's crib was custom made by Peter Osborn Furniture in Cape Town.

Jan and Jana Coetzee are dairy farmers and their farm is called BON MELLA.

I hope this story inspires you today, especially women who have had a miscarriage and women who are struggling to fall pregnant, this story is HOPE, ENCOURAGEMENT, LOVE and above all FAITH. Nothing is impossible for our Lord Jesus! :) Put your trust in Him today!

Jana, thank you for being such an amazing woman of great hope and strength, I have so much respect for you! You truly are an inspiration! :)

WOW and how lovely is Mia's nursery!!!!! :)

This shoot has been featured on The Pretty Blog
CLICK HERE to view Mia's nursery as part of Decor Lifestyle Tuesdays Featured on The Pretty Blog.
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Barbara de Abreu   27 February 2012, 11:00
Beautiful set of pics and such a stunning nursery :)
Analita Farelo   27 February 2012, 14:05
stunning pics....
Nastassja Harvey   27 February 2012, 19:52
oh these are incredibly beautiful Clauds, well done! :)
nastassja harvey   27 February 2012, 19:53
these are soooo beautiful Clauds! well done girlie!! X
Heleen Cilliers {CosyKids}   28 February 2012, 20:24
So beautiful, Claudia. You really captured the emotion and love between Jan, Jana and Mia!
Jana Coetzee   20 March 2012, 11:52
Claudia thank you for making this photoshoot such a wonderfull experience! You captured all the "magic" moments! Looking forward to doing a shoot with you when Mia turns 6 months! Love Jana, Jan & Mia
Emilia Paiva   22 March 2012, 12:32
What a beautiful FRESH nursery little Mia has....and what awesome pictures, simply beautiful xxxx