Arde Family from AUSTRALIA
28 September 2013
Category: Family , Children | Posted: 22 November 2013
❤ Arde Family from Australia ❤

When Chantal contacted me I could feel her passion for life, family and God in her emails!

Chantal and her husband Andrew with their two boys, Connor age 8 years old and Jared age 2 years old live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and came to Cape Town South Africa on holiday to spend time with Chantals parents, Mandy and Mark, who live in Hermanus.

Chantal wanted something really special, and because they all love the ocean very much, we thought a beach shoot would be the best!

Chantal describes it so beautifully, she says:

The ocean has always been my favourite of all Gods creations.
Its big, majestic and has such a beautiful power yet amazing calm and houses most of the worlds most fascinating and beautiful creatures.
I call it my special meeting place with our Father, a place where if I sit quietly for long enough,
I am able to have the most wonderful conversation with Him with the humming music of the waves greeting the land.

I just completely think Chantal is such an amazing and inspiring woman! She has a heart of gold!
I feel so honoured to have met her and her wonderful family.

Connor and Jared had so much fun with their parents and grandmother, playing on the beach, running through the water and building sandcastles!

It was the perfect afternoon spent on the beach with such an amazing and joyful family.

We had the most loving labrador that followed us on the beach, and inspired me to write something special. Read below at end of blogpost.

I feel so honoured to have photographed and met the Arde family all the way from Australia!

Thank you so much to Chantal and her family for giving me the opportunity to photograph your family love and happiness!

May the Lord Jesus bless your family always. You are such a special and blessed family!

Hair & Make-Up:

Location: Llandudno Beach

Assistant: Talia Ferreira

❤ Love & Blessings ❤
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Chantal Arde   26 November 2013, 07:57
Dearest Angel - that goes by the name Claudia :) It never ceases to amaze & fill me with the most unable to word, joy, the unconditional love & blessings that our Father bestows on me, my family & my life every single day in the smallest, sometimes unnoticeable, surprising & unexpected ways. I had spent years looking & praying for the right photographer & just viewing your work felt such a blessing (#1). Then I said a little prayer, held my breath & took a leap of faith in asking if you were available during the one & only holiday we may be able to take back home in S.A with my parents for possibly years to come. And then you blessed (#2) us with a YES! You made us all feel so at ease, comfortable & like we had known you for years, making the whole process effortless & in doing so, blessing (#3) us by capturing our families very special few moments in this time, in history. I miss my Mum & Dad everyday,more than words could ever say & they miss their grandsons dearly, you have blessed (#4) us both with the MOST BEAUTIFUL photos that we can put up on the wall & in our moments of longing, we can reflect upon & smile remembering the love we all shared as a family that day. I only pray that maybe one day, I could possibly be blessing (#5) to you............... I will never be able to thank you enough not only for the MOST AMAZING photos of our family ever taken but for your kindness, warmth, availability at all times of the day-time zone difference makes things quite hard ;) professionalism and above all else LOVE, both in your work & in the way you dealt with me & my family I have found a 1 in a million friend & thank our Father God for His blessing of a new found friendship :) God Bless! & love always, Chantal xxxx PS: I would like to believe we had 2 Angels watching over us that day - Claudia & one in the form of the dog, who appears ever so sweetly in the background on most of our photos :) Proverbs 17:17 A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity Psalm 91:11 ....For he will command his angels concerning you, to watch over you in all your ways....
Elaine Otto   27 November 2013, 09:54
Claudia, while looking through these photographs-I felt my heart move! WOW-what incredible, unconditional love you have captured in these photos! Feels like I know you and the family just by looking at these. And then I read the message at the bottom that Chantal wrote you..soooo special!! You can feel so blessed and proud by your amazing work & clients!!! I adore your work, and as a photographer myself, I admire you and the love you showcase. May the Lord continue to bless you!!Love Elaine